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60 Days Study Plan & Strategy for IBPS Clerk Pre 2019

As we all know that IBPS Clerk Pre Exam 2019 will be held on 7th December 2019 and you have only 40 days left for preparation. In such a situation, you have to prepare hard as well as smartly to crack the exam. That is why we have brought a 60-days smart study plan for you, which will make it easier for you to crack this exam.

IBPS Clerk Pre Study Plan is divided into 2 parts.
1. Daily Basis Preparation to clear concept
2. Practice with Easypractice Smart Test Solutions Daily and Analyse them

60 Days Study Plan and Join Easypractice Prime

Preparation to Clear Concept

In the first week of this period, you have to study daily to strengthen your concept in each subject.

Research the new as well as old exam pattern to study various topics asked in examination and make study notes every day and revise them.

Most importantly you have to work on your calculation speed. Make sure you know all calculation tricks and Vedic maths to improve your calculation.

IBPS Clerk preparation on Easypractice App
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Practice is the most important part to crack various banking exams because practice is the key to success. Practice will help you to manage time and maximize your attempts with high accuracy.

Practice with Easypractice

Easypractice specially designed for 60-days preparation and helps you to boost your performance with 50 intelligent practice tests and 10 mock tests based on the latest pattern.

These 50 practice tests are divided into 10 levels (basic to advance), each level has 5 tests and that will cover specific topics in each level.

After completion of each level attempting mock test will help you understand the level of exam and your progress.

There is a weekly schedule of 60-days preparation plan:


DaysEnglishReasoningNumerical AbilityDaily Practice
Day 1 (Oct 8)Grammar RuleDirection Sense Improve CalculationPractice IBPS Clerk Level 1 Test 1
Day 2 (Oct 9)Error SpottingDirection SenseSimplificationPractice IBPS Clerk Level 1 Test 2
Day 3 (Oct 10)Error SpottingOrder & RankingSimplification Practice IBPS Clerk Level 1 Test 3
Day 4 (Oct 11)Sentence Improvement Order & RankingNumber SeriesPractice IBPS Clerk Level 1 Test 4
Day 5 (Oct 12)Sentence ImprovementBlood Relation BasicNumber SeriesPractice IBPS Clerk Level 1 Test 5
Day 6 (Oct 13)RevisionRevisionRevisionPractice IBPS Clerk Mock Test 1

Day 7 Oct 14: Revise all above topics mentioned and Analyse Previous Given Level 1 Tests.


DaysEnglishReasoningNumerical AbilityDaily Practice
Day 1 (Oct 15) Error Spotting & Sentence Improvement Blood Relation & Order-Ranking Simplification & ApproximationPractice IBPS Clerk Level 2 Test 1
Day 2 (Oct 16)FillersDirection Sense & Order & RankingApproximation, PercentagePractice IBPS Clerk Level 2 Test 2
Day 3 (Oct 17)Fillers & VocabularyDirection Sense & SyllogismSimplification, Percentage & Average Practice IBPS Clerk Level 2 Test 3
Day 4 (Oct 18) Fillers & Vocabulary Syllogism & Alphabet SeriesNumber Series Wrong & Missing, Average & RatioPractice IBPS Clerk Level 2 Test 4
Day 5 (Oct 19)Sentence Improvement, Error Detection & Fillers Syllogism & Alphabet Series Number Series, Ratio & Profit & LossPractice IBPS Clerk Level 2 Test 5
Day 6 (Oct 20)RevisionRevisionProfit & Loss & RevisionPractice IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2

Day 7 Oct 21: Revise all above topics mentioned in WEEK1 & WEEK2 and Analyse Previous Given Level 2 Tests.

Note: Next week schedule will be updated soon.

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